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What's Your Dream Motorhome?

Reading through many blogs, articles and magazines it seems that there is plenty of choice out there when it comes to dream motorhomes. Here at it’s Motorhome Insurance we decided to take a look at the most extravagant, most suitable and the best value for money home on wheels there is around!

First up we looked at luxury and even then there is high-end luxury and lower-end luxury. Within the higher-end scale motorhomes such as the Volkner Mobil Performance Bus, shows just how extravagant you can go when trying to keep home comforts on the road. This motorhome is bigger than some flats – and is just as luxurious as any penthouse suite!

With leather finish living areas, fully equipped kitchen, flat screen TV’s and en-suite bathrooms it would be easy to forget that you were in a travelling home. There’s even adequate space for you to park the Ferrari!

Volkner 2

Volkner 3

Another deluxe motorhome in design is the Articulated Dream produced by the Visibly Loud company based in the UK and Germany.

It is easy to see how the motorhome matches up with the company’s name as it’s hard to miss and with a price tag of over £500,000 the cost ties in with the lifestyle it seems to promote!

Articulated Dream 2

Articulated Dream 5

Mid-range luxury in the shape of The SC World Cruiser will tick many boxes due to its ability to utilise every area of the vehicle. The intelligent design of the World Cruiser sees a lounge and kitchen area merge seamlessly into each other, while the rear private en-suite bedroom is laid out over two decks, resulting in a level of space.

The World Cruiser

The World Cruiser Interior

Now back to the real life… affordable luxury, that’s more like it. Take a look at the Concorde Carver for instance. The inside has a home away from home feel with a double bed at the rear, television screens in the living area and a kitchen to suit everyone’s needs.

Concorde Carver 2

Concorde Carver 5


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