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Top Tips For Protecting Your Motorhome

Motorhomes are in essence, a person’s second home, so why not protect your motor home to the same standard. There are many precautions that you could take to ensure that both you and your motorhome are protected, not only when in use but also during those cold winter nights when the vehicle is perhaps vacant including motorhome insurance.

Ensure your motor home is securely locked – As basic as it sounds, ensuring your motorhome has a safe and suitable locking system for both the main chaises and the rear cabin, can be the most affective deterrents against thieves.

Keep valuables out of site – like a property most motorhomes have valuables and electrical items stored within. It is a good idea to keep these valuables locked away or out of site to discourage intruders.

Park your motor home in a safe place – Parking your motorhome in a location whereby it is difficult or inappropriate for a thief to either break into the vehicle or remove it can often discourage them from doing so.

Using wheel locks and clamps – Using a wheel lock or clamp can mean that if an intruder makes it into your motor home they will not be able to remove the vehicle from its location, therefore, deterring a thief in the first place.

Alarm – Many motorhomes come with alarms as standard, however if they don’t it is a good idea to go to your local garage and get one fitted. As a great audio deterrent, your motor home will alert a siren upon an unauthorised opening of the vehicle doors. Alarms usually come with window stickers and labels to inform a suspect intruder that you have protected your motorhome.

Bike Rack Protection Loop – Often when travelling in your motor home you might take a bike for an adventurous day out. A bike visible to a thief may be the perfect opportunity for them to make a few pounds, so invest in a simple protection loop for around £65 to stop them making money from your property.

Gas Alarm –Sometimes the issue may not be other people but the items in your motor home. Protect yourself against LPG gas (butane, propane and methane), natural gas, knock-out gas, coal gas & carbon manoxide by purchasing a gas alarm. This could save both you and your motor home in the event of a leak.

Storing your motor home – When your motorhome is not being used store it in a secure environment such as a locked garage or gated property, avoid storing it on open roads or on unused property.

Store your keys somewhere safe- It is essential that even when not used, you or a family member is are aware of the exact location of the keys to your motorhome. Ideally locked away somewhere safe within another property or on your everyday keys so you have them available constantly.

Insurance – In the event that your motorhome is broken into it is essential that you have the correct insurance. Traumatic enough, it would be a hundred times worse if your insurance was void or invalid.


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