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The Icon; a millionaires motorhome

A holiday with no expense spared is what most of us can dream about, however, some can very well indulge in. If the idea of exploring the great outdoors appeals to you but the cold, insects and awkward facilities don’t, then ‘The Icon’ may be the answer to your luxury travelling woes.

The Icon millionaire motorhome_1

The palatial motorhome was once used by Formula 1 stars Jenson Button and Jacques Villeneuve and more than lives up to the opulent lifestyle that is often associated with the sport, and is now yours for just £8,000 a night!

The Icon millionaire motorhome_2

That’s right. For the cost a small car you can spend 1 night in The Icon as its new owner, Andrew Morris, is offering the motorhome as a holiday home for the big spenders.

The Icon millionaire motorhome_3

Fear not, your £8,000 means a varied amount of extras are on tap to fulfil your every need. Guests will be treated to a champagne arrival along with a complimentary hamper, together with a personal team of waiters on hand 24 hours a day.

The Icon millionaire motorhome_4

The ‘seven star hotel’ is the epitome of ‘glamping’ and boasts its own limousine, helicopter and Michelin star chef to make your outdoors trip one that you won’t want to forget.

The Icon millionaire motorhome_5

The 500 sq ft palace sleeps up to four people and is believed to be the largest motorhome in the UK. The Icon is a living piece of history, a unique motorhome, which was the first million dollar motorhome to be created.

The Icon millionaire motorhome_6

The Icon can be driven to the location of your choice, adding ease and simplicity to your motorhome holiday. Think we may have to stick to our trusty VW.

The Icon millionaire motorhome_7

Images: The Daily Mail Online


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