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Roller Team T670 Review

Established in 1945, Roller Team is one of the major brands that form the infamous Trigano Group. The organisation has become one of Europe’s leading motorhome providers and regularly produce thousands of leisure vehicles for outdoor explorers. At It’s Motorhome Insurance we’d be delighted to insure a Roller Team T670.

This model of Roller Team has a Fiat Ducato chasis and a stylish and modern interior and exterior with plenty of space all for a starting price of £43,530.

It is suitable for two passengers and sleeps two in a double bed at the rear of the motorhome.

With a spacious lounge and dining room there is plenty of room to relax and unwind after a long day out and also a few spare seats for any special guests. There is also a kitchen area with a built in oven and hob with a sink to clean those dirty dishes.

There is a huge amount of overhead storage space as well as a large wardrobe and cupboards.

Unlike many caravans and motorhomes the toilet in the Roller Team T60 is surprisingly spacious considering the overall size of the vehicle. With a roomy built in shower and sink there is always a place to scrub up after an adventurous day ready for a relaxing evening.

Roller Team also make a family size version of the motor home, which sleeps and seats four. The Roller Team T670 Family has an over head double bed that easily pulls out when needed.

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