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Motorhomes in the movies

A motorhome has long been recognised as a holiday home on wheels for those venturing out and about across land. The warmth of home comforts on the road is the appeal for many along with the notion of freedom and control.

However, there are the few exceptions where motorhomes have taken a starring role off the campsites and roads and onto the big screen.  Take the recent Breaking Bad television drama. An RV motorhome is core to the production’s story line with the main character using it as his base. The RV in question is a 1986 Fleetwood Bounder.

Breaking Bad

Another big screen motorhome was the RV that featured in Meet The Fockers. The Fleetwood Pace Arrow RV is the setting for a number of scenes in the film and was featured prominently in one of the film’s trailers and throughout the film when it was released back in 2004. Fleetwood’s Pace Arrow is a top-selling motorhome that reflects upscale refinement and distinctive features.

Meet The Fockers

In 2006 the film Little Miss Sunshine used an ingenious idea by using colour and a van as a leading focus of the film. The van in question was a yellow 1978 Volkswagen Station Wagon and it was an iconic image used throughout the advertising of the film and during it.

mmv-Little Miss Sunshine

The use of motorhomes for film production doesn’t stop at the big screen! Backstage, plenty of motorhomes are used to help house the actors and production team during filming, some offering the latest up-to-date technologies while others a basic base. On large scale productions each department may even have their own motorhome.

One thing’s for sure though, a motorhome isn’t just for holidays!


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