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Motorhome Madness – Couple Swap the High Life for a Life on the Road

A romantic, if not crazy, couple from Greater Manchester decided to trade in everything they had for a three year holiday around Europe in their beloved motorhome. Let’s hope they had motorhome insurance! The idea initially crawled under under their skin whilst on holiday in Australia, enjoying a hired a motor home vacation and they couldn’t shake the inkling as they returned home.

You would think that this would not have been an easy decision for Chris McClenan and partner Catherine Warrington, one a Finance Director and one a Managing Director for a big advertising company in Manchester. However, one evening and a bottle of wine later the couple had decided to both leave their high paid jobs and sell their large and expensive home to undergo the experience of a lifetime!

At the time, the couple were living in a £400,000 four-bed barn conversion home in Ramsbottom, which they put on the market a week later.

It took a further 15 months to sell the home and leave their existing jobs in capable hands but it wasn’t long until they were ready to go. On September 4th, 2009, they set off in “Hector”, a £40,000 German motorhome, based on a Renault van, and left for Europe.

Beginning at Ramsbottom they travelled a total of 67,000 miles over three years and visited all 47 countries in Europe.

When asked what the highlights of their trip where, Catherine answered “Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland was pretty amazing. Cod-fishing in Norway: we caught some amazing fish and met some amazing people. And we went to Nordkinn, the northernmost point on mainland Europe.”

With money fast running out and a cost of around £400 a month for diesel, the couple had to come up with an idea to boost their funds.

During their journeys the couple took some time out to set up a business called Bobil selling a range of motorhome novelty products such as mugs, pens, teddy bears, pinnies, tea towels and much more.

 They love each other and certainly love Hector and the pair have no plans to return to their old life any-time soon and relish the opportunities that have arose due to their decision.

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