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Essential accessories for your mobile home

Wherever your destination may be, planning your visit in your motorhome is vital and knowing the essentials to have on hand will save you aggravation, time and money. Take a look at the essentials below and check them off your list (include an online visit to reputable motorhome insurers)!

1. An awning

This offers shade, privacy and protection from the weather. An absolute must have if you ask us. Custom made awnings are available from various stockists and can greatly add to your campervan or motorhome holiday.

2. Disposable gloves

You will be handling sewer hoses etc. and these are a must have to protect yourself.

3. Child gates

This may sound odd but they will come in very handy. Situations when either your own pet(s) or fellow campers pet(s) need fencing off to keep them safe. This will also stand for good use while setting up perimeters for inquisitive young children.

4. Clothes hanger/dryer

You will thank the day that you buy a collapsible clothes dryer because this will either save time and money from local launderettes or it will just provide an adequate drying system which can be constructed anywhere inside and out. Simple but very effective.

5. Spare sewer hose pipes/system

Spare hoses are a convenient way for a quick fix if you notice any leaks in your pipes. Animal damage, weather and inconsiderate campers are just a few ways that could tamper the hose so having a spare one will give you that extra back up shall you need it.

6. Re-chargeable torch

This isn’t a hard one to guess why it is essential, however, some people fail to accommodate their lack of light if generators fail or you need extra light.

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